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Eyelash Extensions

Certified by Xtreme Lashes® in 2006, I provide beautiful, faux mink eyelash extensions, that are applied individually to the natural lash providing a longer, fuller, flattering, natural-looking set of lashes. The application process is comfortable and painless, and provided in a clean, professional setting in Perry Hall/Nottingham, MD. Extensions are applied using formaldehyde-free and trusted Xtreme Lashes® brand adhesive. Refills are recommended every 2 to 3 weeks, and are dependent upon your natural eyelash growth cycles: Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. Prior to any lash appointment, all eye makeup must be removed. Classic Full Sets are approximately 60-80 extensions per eye, while Volume Full Sets are approximately 80-100 extensions per eye. 

 Volume Full Set Xtreme Lashes®,  $200, 90-120 min.

 Hybrid Full Set Xtreme Lashes®,  $185, 90-120 min.
 Classic Full Set Xtreme Lashes®, $150, 60-90 min.
 Volume Refill Xtreme Lashes®,  $85, 60 min.

 Hybrid Refill Xtreme Lashes®,  $80, 55 min.
 3- week Refill Xtreme Lashes®, $75, 50 min.
 2- week Refill Xtreme Lashes®, $60, 30-40 min.
 Removal (-20 if applied by me), $50, 30-60 min.
 Make-up Application, $60, 30-60 min. (In-Studio)

​​Be precautious of any other location offering eyelash extensions at a lesser cost; and that she/he is applying individual lashes with formaldehyde-free adhesive and not clusters  that could ruin your natural lashes (not the same as lash fans). Proper extension application is important so that no more than one natural lash is attached to an extension, to refrain from stunting or deforming the growth of your natural lashes. 

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